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Bitmain is a relatively young company, but it is a hungry company that has been transforming computing since 2013. It has been able to do this by creating forward-thinking devices for cryptocurrency, blockchain, and AI or artificial intelligence.

Of course, others know the company because it operates the two largest mining pools and manufactures the massively popular Antminer L3++ for sale, Antminer S9 , Antminer S19 Pro for sale, Antminer L7 and Antminer ASIC miners. This is something the company is able to do due to its massive computing power, which is a good thing for those involved with Bitcoin mining. Those interested can learn more about these pools by visiting BTC or the Antpool site.

The company is an active member of the blockchain industry, not only because it provides technological solutions but because the company is interested in seeing how far this industry can go. This is the reason the company actively invests in new blockchain platforms or startups. It also invests in some of the communities sprouting out of this industry because it knows that experts in blockchain technology need encouragement.

The company’s AI sector has been active since 2015 though it really did not launch any products until 2017 when it released a deep learning chip. It took the company little time to introduce an even better and faster chip not long after that. It is easy to see how committed Bitmain is to AI and what is possible with this technology.

The headquarters of this company is in the Beijing though those interested could find their offices in other places of China. There are also a number of offices around the world.

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