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Here, at Miners For Sale, we provide a vast array of both purchasers, as well as retailers, of ASIC Mining Equipment. We provide sellers who can get pre-qualified new miners, as well as used mining hardware, which is found within the United States of America, Europe, Canada, and even in Asia.

Simply fill in the details of our online form (see above). When you get to the “requirements” portion of the form, please give us the following details:

Ø Model Kind(s)
Ø Amount needed
Ø Address where the equipment will be shipped

When Miners For Sale receives your information, a sales representative will promptly contact you regarding your FREE Quote. You are under no duty to do anything further after receiving your FREE Quote. Our sales representative will review your information and find the best option for you with a reputable vendor.

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United States Prices – Antminer Bitmain – (Brand New)

One Hundred Unit or More
The Bitmain Antminer (Model S11) $526
The Bitmain Antminer (Model S15) $935
The Bitmain Antminer (Model T15) $580
The Bitmain Antminer (Model T17) $2085

Less than One Hundred Units
The Bitmain Antminer (Model S11) $439
The Bitmain Antminer (Model S15) $935
The Bitmain Antminer (Model T15) $670
The Bitmain Antminer (Model T17) $2185

Note: The Prices (above) include tariff fees & shipping expenses, when shipped to North America. Consumers must pay their individual import costs (2.7 percent), which is paid individually to the deliverer.

Miners For Sale additionally has an extensive inventory of other products, such as new/used GPU Miners. Feel free to contact us for a full inventory list of equipment and a price list.

We also have a fractional list of ASIC Miners (USED) – Q1 2019
We want our customers to understand that this list is not the same as other ones you might have seen, such as the ones on Amazon & eBay. If you want to order bulk, we have pricing for that as well, and we base the prices on amounts ordered. Also, the pricing (Miners For Sale price quotes) (documented further down the page) is also negotiable, depending on the volume you wish to order.

Ø Albany, New York
o 1200 S9 {13.5th} $175 per product
Ø Boise, Idaho
o 14L+
o 3 A3
o And,
o At a minimum of 15 APW3 — plus plus PSUs
Ø Canada (Alberta)
o 195 S9 {13.5th – 120 S9i} (PDUs included)
Ø Canada
o S9 13.5th $135 U.S. Dollars (Shipping not included in price – MOQ of One Thousand Plus)
Ø Chicago, Illinois
o 50 S9s {13.5th} $175 per product
o + thirty A4 plus Units
Ø Cleveland, Ohio
o 27 S9s
o 30 L3 +
o 5 Z9 [mini]
Ø Dallas, Texas
o 175 S9i
o 30 Innosilicon T2T {With PDUs}
Ø Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
o 55 DragonMint T1
o 30 L3 plus {with PSU}
o 130 S9 {12.5th)
Ø Houston, Texas
o 15E3 Miners’250 S9 {13.5th}
o 35 D3
Ø Kansas City, Missouri
o 2500 S9 {13.5th}
o One Thousand Miner-minimum @ $145 (each)
Ø Los Angeles, California
o 50 Bitmain S9 {With PSU}
o 55 Bitmain L3 {Plus PSU}
Ø Las Vegas, Nevada
o 20 L3 {Plus – With PSUs}
o 20 S9 {113.5th}
Ø New Jersey
o 38 S7
o 100 S9 {13.5th}
o ASICs {All w/ PDUs}
Ø Portland, Oregon
o 750 S9 {13.5th}
o $170 Per product
Ø St. Louis, Missouri
o 40 L3s {With PSUs}
Ø Seattle, Washington
o 50 Z9
o Masters {With PSUs}
Ø Spokane, Washington
o 500 S9 {13.5th}
o $170 Per product
Ø Tampa Florida
o 75 S9 {13.5th}
o 50 L3 {Plus}
o 10 A3 Miners
Ø United States of America – Any Location
o Brand New S11 19.5th — $145 (Shipping costs are added into the price)
Ø Valley City, Ohio
o 50 KSols
o 620 W
o 55 A9 {Z-Master – Equihash}
Ø Virginia
o 25 S9s
o 15 D3
o 20 L3
o ASIC With PDUs

The list above is just a partial list of what Miners For Sale has available. Please feel free to contact us via our online form for a current pricing and product list, and we will work diligently to get you the best quote possible for quality ASIC Mining Equipment, and the best possible prices.

Additionally, we provide reasonable hosting colocation services and prices, so you could continue to earn profits in this bear industry. The greatest deals yet for Q1 – 2019 – are as follows:

Ø NYS – Ohio & Texas {S9 – 13.5th}
o All within hosting – Per month – between $55 & $65
o Pricing is based on volume
Ø Russia
o Purchase on-site
o Used S9 {13.5th}
o U.S. Dollars — $200, and
o Host them {all-in} for
o $=Between $40 to $45 monthly
Ø United States – Georgia
o S9 {13.5th}
o All-in-hosting
o Between $55 to $65 monthly
o Based on volume

For more information on all our products/services, or if you have any further questions, please contact us.