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Antminer L3+ For Sale
Antminer L3+ For Sale


The Antminer L3+ brought ASIC Into the Mainstream

For those who have been waiting for a Litecoin Application Specific Integrated Circuit to allow for the mining of Scrypt coins, your wait is over. The BM1485 ASCIC is the first chip to come out in the last 48 months. It is built to mine Bitcoins in an efficient and powerful way. There are an impressive 288 chips built into the structure of every Antminer L3++ for sale. This far exceeds the power of any previous chip on the market designed for Litecoin mining.

Making Effective Use of the Antminer L3

Even though this new Litecoin miner is the most powerful ever made, it is still smaller than the average radio. That packs quite a few benefits right there, as it is close in size to the Antminer S9. That chip has proven extremely popular in its own right.

It is also helpful to note that the Antminer L3+ leaves behind a very small footprint. This means that it is ideal for mining use in either a farm or within a residential property. You will not have to worry in either regard.

Now, let us talk about the control board for the L3+. The brains behind this is Texas Instrument’s AM335x 1GHz ARM. This is the version that comes with a Cortex-A8 microprocessor built in. With this powerful of a control board working for you, the speed will be instantly noticeable. Because it also has a built-in Gigabit Ethernet, the microprocessor is ready to begin submitting mined blocks from its very first use.

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What About the Fans?

Bitcoin miners are understandably concerned about the effectiveness of the cooling fans. This is why it is so helpful to note that the Antminer L3++ has a powerful fan that will enable it to remain cool at all times. It does this by was of built-in heat sinks that have been customized. The L3+ is actually constructed inside on an aluminum case that is of the highest grade. Within that, there are two fans that more than do the job.

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The Litecoin miner will work hard, all the while remaining cool enough to keep performing at its optimal level. You will not notice any drop off in performance at any stage in the mining process. Any hot air that creeps into the unit will be almost instantly replaced by a fresh outflow of cool air. This is what makes the Antminer L3 Plus so special.