Bitmain Antminer L3++ for Sale


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Antminer L3+ For Sale
Antminer L3+ For Sale


The Antminer L3+ brought ASIC Into the Mainstream

For those who have been waiting for a Litecoin Application Specific Integrated Circuit to allow for the mining of Scrypt coins, your wait is over. The BM1485 ASCIC is the first chip to come out in the last 48 months. It is built to mine Bitcoins in an efficient and powerful way. There are an impressive 288 chips built into the structure of every Antminer L3++ for sale. This far exceeds the power of any previous chip on the market designed for Litecoin mining.

Making Effective Use of the Antminer L3

Even though this new Litecoin miner is the most powerful ever made, it is still smaller than the average radio. That packs quite a few benefits right there, as it is close in size to the Antminer S9. That chip has proven extremely popular in its own right.

It is also helpful to note that the Antminer L3+ leaves behind a very small footprint. This means that it is ideal for mining use in either a farm or within a residential property. You will not have to worry in either regard.

Now, let us talk about the control board for the L3+. The brains behind this is Texas Instrument’s AM335x 1GHz ARM. This is the version that comes with a Cortex-A8 microprocessor built in. With this powerful of a control board working for you, the speed will be instantly noticeable. Because it also has a built-in Gigabit Ethernet, the microprocessor is ready to begin submitting mined blocks from its very first use.

Antminer L3++ Price

What About the Fans?

Bitcoin miners are understandably concerned about the effectiveness of the cooling fans. This is why it is so helpful to note that the Antminer L3++ has a powerful fan that will enable it to remain cool at all times. It does this by was of built-in heat sinks that have been customized. The L3+ is actually constructed inside on an aluminum case that is of the highest grade. Within that, there are two fans that more than do the job.

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The Litecoin miner will work hard, all the while remaining cool enough to keep performing at its optimal level. You will not notice any drop off in performance at any stage in the mining process. Any hot air that creeps into the unit will be almost instantly replaced by a fresh outflow of cool air. This is what makes the Antminer L3 Plus so special.


Antminer L3

Perfect for any large-scale cryptocurrency miner, MinersForSale offers state-of-the-art bitcoin miner hosting for the Antminer L3 model. We leverage our long history of providing colocation services to develop customized bitcoin mining packages that provide the lowest possible cost. This model of antminer is brand new and features a high speed 500Mh/s hash rate and total output power at 800w. To book this state-of-the-art bitcoin miner hosting, call us today!

Antminer L3 is available now. This LTC miner uses ASIC chip technology to produce with a high hash rate (504MH) and power efficiency (400W). Antminer L3+ can be hosted in MinersForSale’s second tier LTC mining facility. With low cost of power and optimal temperature/humidity for ASIC miners, this facility offers clients an easy solution for Bitcoin mining that takes the work out of bitcoin mining colocation. is an established bitcoin miner hosting company that provides ASIC hosting services to customers who want to benefit from owning and operating large scale digital currency hardware (Antminers). Our Bitcoin colocation services are the centerpiece of our colocation product portfolio. We don’t just sell Antminer L3 solutions, we offer robust data center infrastructure solutions and turnkey operational assistance.

The Antminer L3 mining rig is a top-of-the-line product and an excellent addition to the Bitcoin miner community. Find out more about the Antminer L3 and how you can profitably mine Litecoin with this device.

Antminer L3 is a next generation bitcoin mining machine by Bitmain. The Antminer L3 uses the same BM1485 chips that have been used in the Antminer S9, Antminer R4 and in other popular miners on the market today.

The Antminer L3 is not as efficient and refined as the Antminer S9, but it is still a powerful miner that can be used in small, low power mining environments. If you have free electricity, you will do well with the L3.

The Antminer L3 uses the same BITMAIN BM1720 ASIC chips introduced in the S9, but is built using a completely different design.

The newest model from Bitmain, the Antminer L3+ utilizes their BM1485 chips to deliver a record-breaking 504MH/s hash rate with only 800W of power consumption. Combined with the right PSU, this miner is capable of over $10 of BTC per day at current prices.

The L3+ Antminer uses the Scrypt algorithm for mining, which produces a better performance rate than previous units. This model is one of the most powerful Bitcoin mining hardware available, powering over 560MH/s with only 700W of power used.

The L3+ was designed and created by a team of ASIC experts. It is based on the BM1485 chip, which uses 28nm process technology. The Bitmain Antminer L3+ ASIC miner is built for Litecoin mining. It delivers a hash rate of 504 MH/s with a power consumption of 800 W. The miner can achieve this hash rate with the help of 288 chips that are spread across three separate boards.

Antminer L3+ is the latest product of Bitmain, it is a litecoin miner developed based on BM1485 chip. With the BM1485 chips, L3+ reaches a speed as high as 500MH/s with the power consumption of only 800watt which brings a new prospect to litecoin mining.

With MinersForSale, you can take advantage of our state-of-the-art facilities and award winning customer service to securely host your Antminer L3. Our Antminer L3 colocation plans provide access to high speed internet, advanced security, innovative cooling systems to keep your miner running optimally, and dedicated power (optional). MinersForSale’s data centers are located across the globe, featuring N+1 redundancy, multiple layers of security and continuous monitoring and management. Let us focus on making your Antminer L3 host successful so you can focus on other business needs.

Innovative technology and the Antminer L3+ are changing the way the world mines cryptocurrency. Lifetime free repairs and upgrades for Antminer L3 Colocation plans means you can keep up with advances in ASIC mining without breaking your budget. MinersForSale makes it easy to find secure, reliable Antminer L3 hosting at an affordable price. With expert 24/7 customer support as good as our data centers are bad, MinersForSale is your one-stop shop for all your Bitcoin mining needs.

The Antminer L3 is the latest bitmain miner as of July 2017. The L3 is a popular choice among cryptocurrency miners because of its small size and high hashrate, which is 250MH/s. This ad would target cryptocurrency miners who are looking for a small home miner or are interested in colocation services with MinersForSale.

Antminer L3 is the most powerful Litecoin miner today by Bitmain. As such hosting an Antminer L3 can be a challenge. For this reason, MinersForSale has partnered with world class data centers across multiple countries and states to form a network of colocation facilities that are designed to host ASIC miners.

Antminer L3 Hosting Colocation Miners For Sale is the ideal partner for cryptominers looking to colocate their Antminers. As a leading provider of bitcoin miner hosting services, we provide you with high-powered servers, cooling and power at competitive rates. Our datacenters are located in North America in areas where electricity prices are low and cooling power is high, ensuring that your miner stays powered up and running.

The Antminer L3 miner is a high end Litecoin ASIC miner from Bitmain. Through proprietary methods, the L3 can reach up to 500MH/s, which is the fastest available in today’s market for an ASIC. Due to the machine’s energy efficiency you will quickly see your investment pay for itself. Great if you want to mine LTC without having to spend a fortune on equipment and facilities. Also hosts Dash and X11 algorithms making it great for its hashing performance. It is possible to get as much as 250 MH/s using only 800W when using SHA256d algorithm.