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Antminer S17 Pro Price
Bitmain Antminer S17 Pro For Sale

The Bitmain Antminer S17 Pro for sale weighs in at a scale tipping 21 lbs (9500g) and offers a Hashrate of 53Th/s with power consumption coming in at just 2094W.  The S17 Pro ASIC miner it offers the AntMiner second generation 7nm chip in force with 3 chips on board.  Offering 3 modes of mining you can now adjust your mining strategy on the fly to adapt to market fluctuations and mining pool payouts.


Bitmain Antminer S17 Pro Price

Chip boards 3
Fan(s) 4
Chip count 144
Release Apr-19
Voltage 12V
Size 178 x 296 x 298mm
Power 2094W
Temperature 5 – 45 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %
Chip size 7nm
Noise level 82db
Weight 9500g
Model Antminer S17 Pro (53Th)
Also known as Antminer S17 Pro-53TH/s
Manufacturer Bitmain
Chip name BM1397
Interface Ethernet



Antminer S17 Units for Sale

The new Antminer S17, S17 Pro, and S17+ 73TH units are already in the market in various countries, including the USA, Canada, Malaysia, and China. The units cost $2,999, although the prices are negotiable according to the volume. Once you make an order of what you would like, we source you direct quotes from all our suppliers and resellers dealing with pre-qualified Antminer S17. Moreover, we provide a daily or weekly list of second-hand S17 and other ASIC miners being sold by different private individuals or other broker partners.

The prices of the Antminer S17 Units change daily according to BTC price and volume. You can get the prices on the updated 17, both new and used, by contacting us. We will also provide you with a custom price quote. Our contact addresses are as follows:

  • The contact form provided above is where you will get the fastest response.

We source our Antminer S17 from very reliable and legitimate suppliers to make them available to you. Our suppliers are based in the US and other parts of the world for miner hosting deals. Our company also offers cost-effective Antminer S17 hosting colocation rates that start at .045 cents “all in.”

We have various mining host partners who are now providing customers with simple buy or host options. This will help customers to avoid shipping, taxes, and customer costs. They can get hashing instantly at some of the lowest available power rates. Check out the miner buying rates from 2020 below. The prices can change at any time. Contact us today for a custom quote on the latest prices.

Colorado/South Carolina, USA


  • Purchase S17 and 70TH for $3-4k with the host costing 5.5 to 6.2 cents, all in
  • Purchase S17 and 73TH for $3-4k with host costing 5.5 to 6.2 cents all in
  • Purchase S17e 60TH for $3-4k with host costing 5.5 to 6.2 cents all in

MOQ 10


  • Kentucky, USA
  • Purchase S17 Pro 70TH for (call us to get pricing details) and host costs 5.6 to 6.2 cents, all in
  • Buy S17 and 73TH for (call us to get pricing details) and host costs 5.6 to 6.2 cents, all in
  • MOQ 1

New York, USA


  • Purchase S17 Pro 53TH at or $3-4K and host costing 5.7 to 6.2 cents all in
  • Buy S17 Pro 56TH at $emailand host costing 5.7 to 6.2 cents all in
  • MOQ 1

Pricing is done in dollars, and all in hosting pricing is inclusive of power, space, internet, and cooling.


Fully Managed Bitcoin Mining Hosting for Individuals and Institutions 

There has been a high price and low supply of bitcoin miners making our partner fully managed BTC mining solution to be very popular, especially in 2021. Starting investment level 25,000 US dollars for 500Th of BTC mining.

One hundred percent turnkey mining solution for clients who need to mine without the operational snags and difficulties of purchasing miners, hosting, downtime, miner problems, and so forth. Rather than purchasing and running ASIC miners to accomplish an ideal measure of terahash, customers buy terahash straight from a managed mining provider. Clients connect with their Bitcoin wallet to accept their day-to-day profit when set up. Prices and availability change frequently.

  • American owned company
  • $39.95/TH. MOQ 500 TH.
  • 100% Uptime guaranteed
  • Management providing 24/7 support
  • Return on Investment, Profitability, and Legal Guidance

In case you need additional information, contact us through our email or phone to get an updated pdf brochure.

Our Antminer S17 Pro for sale marketplace gets Antminer S17 units and different ASIC units from various sources such as:

  • Small miners less than 100 units that look to exit the Crypto mining space
  • Institutional miners more than 100 units that look to purchase “next gen” mining gear
  • Recently shut down mining farms that we can directly access
  • High Rated Distributors in North America, EU, and China
  • Private sources unavailable to the general public

Below is a partial list of USED Antminer S17 unit sales to the date below, which are sold out

  • Alberta, Canada is $3550 USD for every unit and shipping, 20 S17 Pro units SOLD.
  • Toronto, Canada is $3700 USD for every unit plus fees and shipping, 32 S17 units SOLD.
  • Quebec, Canada is $3980 USD for every unit plus shipping, 150 S17 units SOLD.
  • Miami, Florida is $3000 USD for every unit plus shipping, 8 S17 Pro units SOLD.
  • Phoenix, Arizona is $2875 USD for every unit plus ship cost, 20 Pro units SOLD.
  • Dallas, Texas is $3500 USD for every unit USA shipping inc., 9 S17 Pro units SOLD.
  • Los Angeles, California for every $3750 per unit and shipping, 3 S17 Pro units SOLD.
  • The Netherlands is $3800 for every unit plus tariffs, 5 S17 units SOLD.
  • China is $3900 per unit and tariffs, 12 S17 Pro units SOLD

History of the Antminer S17 & S17 Pro

Antminer S17 & S17 Pro was released in March 2019 and are able to produce from 53TH to 56 TH according to the batch and version. In comparison to the workhouse, Antminer S9 at 14TH is nearly four times TH per unit.

Based on the unit, they consume form around 1800 to 2500 watts. According to the current bitcoin prices over 10000 and with a great electrical rate, it’s possible to achieve an ROI in 3-4 months.