About Goldshell Miners

Goldshell Miners is a technology company that was founded in 2017. It is an industry leader. This company is focused on application fields and miners. Goldshell Miners has completed mass production, R & D and multiple miner sales in Sia, CKB, LTC and other types of cryptocurrencies.

They currently offer the Goldshell Mini Doge for sale and Goldshell LT5, HS1 Plus, KD Box, KD5, CK-Box, KD2, LB-Box, HS Box, KD6 and other mining rigs.

The headquarters are located in Shanghai. However, there are also locations in Singapore, Hong Kong and Hangzhou. The core team has worked in the integrated circuit field for over 10 years. Seventy percent of the company is made up of the personnel R & D account.

Goldshell miner logo
Goldshell miner logo
Goldshell miner for sale
Goldshell miner for sale CK6

Goldshell Miners has set a goal to be a great blockchain provider. That is why they have used, batch production, delivery, algorithm research to create an efficient operating system. This company constantly improves its product competiveness and computing performance. They help people thrive in the digital economy by providing reliable computing services and infrastructure.

Goldshell Miners makes it easy for customers to join the market. The product is small, affordable and beginner friendly. Everyone will have the ability to start mining from the comfort of their home.

Furthermore, Goldshell Miners is focused on community development. They believe that one of the keys to establishing a reputable brand is to connect to the community.