Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware There are great potential profits for miners of Bitcoin. However, if not done correctly, the cost of equipment and energy can do major damage...

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Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware

There are great potential profits for miners of Bitcoin. However, if not done correctly, the cost of equipment and energy can do major damage to your bank account. We have taken the guesswork out of the process for you by assembling a list of some of the best Bitcoin hardware on the market.

Halong Mining DragonMint T1


The DragonMint T1 possesses one of the fastest hash rate per second available even with 16T prices. The mining hardware requires 1480 watts and scores extremely high marks for efficiency and power. Not so surprisingly, the DragonMint T1 is in great demand and commands a price of more than $2,700. But for serious Bitcoin miners who are able to mitigate the cost of electricity, there is no better alternative over this piece of mining hardware. The efficient and powerful performance you can expect from this hardware is more than enough to offset the high upfront costs.

Dragonmint 16T ASIC miner

Bitmain Antminer S9i


The Antmimer S9 is the most popular hardware among Bitcoin miners. Because of this, it is often not available for sale on the Bitmain website. To combat this problem Bitmain made the S9i available to customers for $500. The energy consumption for the S9i is 1,320 watts and it boasts of a per second hash rate of 14 TH. Users of the hardware appreciate its great efficiency.

The Antminer S9i is an excellent alternative for the intermediate miner instead of the Antminer S19 pro for sale, who is looking to make a real profit from Bitcoin mining. The relatively low initial cost of the hardware along with its efficiency makes for great profit potential.


Bitmain Antminer S9


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The Antimer S9 has a hash rate that is a little slower and requires a tad bit more energy consumption than the S9i uses. However, this hardware is still a great option for Bitcoin miners. The higher quality chip in the S9 means it will provide more stable operations and will not burn out as fast as the S9i will. However, the S9i costs about $500 more than the newer option. This option is great for miners who are most interested in a durable hardware option.

Bitmain Antminer R4

The 8.7 TH hash rate and 845-watt energy needs of the Bitmain Antminer R4 make it slightly less efficient than the S9i model. Another attraction of the R4 model is it is a silent operator that is perfect for use at home. There is a high cost attached to the efficiency and convenience of the R4. The hardware is sold on Amazon at a cost of $3,000. This alternative is great for hobbyist and intermediate miners who want to work from home while attempting to make money mining Bitcoin.

Pangolin Whatsminer M3X

The 2,050-watt usage of the Whatsminer M30S makes it the mining hardware with the largest energy needs. However, the hardware sports a 12.5 TH hash rate, making it one of the most powerful.

The M3X is more affordable than other mining hardware with similar power capabilities. The purchase price is slightly more than $1,000 and this will help to offset the relatively high energy costs associated with the Whatsminer M3X. This hardware selection is perhaps best suited to experienced Bitcoin miners with low to moderate energy costs.


The $300 price listing for the Avalon 6 on Amazon makes it one of the cheapest options for Bitcoin mining. The setup process for the hardware is also extremely simple. The downside is its lack of efficiency with a hash rate of 3.5 TH and its relatively high energy needs at 1,050 watts.

It will be extremely difficult to turn a profit using the Avalon 6 unless energy costs are extremely low. The Avalon 6 model is great for beginners who are looking to learn the ins and outs of Bitcoin mining. The hardware will also appeal to miners who consider the undertaking a hobby. A Bitcoin miner looking to make a real profit should probably consider other Bitcoin mining hardware.

Bitmain Antminer S7

The Bitmain Antminer S7 is another piece of mining hardware for hobbyists and beginners. The machine can cost as little as $200 but scores low marks for efficiency. The energy needs are 1,293 watts and possess a hash rate of 4.73 TH per second. However, if the price of Bitcoin ever rises dramatically and energy costs can be managed, it is possible to make a good profit with this hardware.

The Final Thoughts

The prospects of Bitcoin mining is appealing to a wide variety of people. The interest in bitcoin mining ranges from the weekend hobbyist to the aspiring Bitcoin millionaire. And despite the potential obstacles, all dreams and aspirations are possible for Bitcoin miners with a little strategy and research. The hardware profiled above represents the best options for achieving these possibilities.

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